Wednesday, March 20, 2013


With everything in life there is always a taste of challenge. Whether life seems to be in a never ending season of Winter or if the wind is in your sails gliding you along on friendly waters, there is always something to learn. Somehow God uses every experience, situation, or season to chisel out some unsightly character flaw, making you into His beautiful masterpiece. Being a stay-at-home mom has brought every kind of challenge on so many different levels. Physically I am sleep deprived, I am unmotivated mentally, emotionally I am all over the place feeling so much joy but also feeling a sense of loss in my own identity, and as far as the relational goes it has been a struggle balancing marriage and parenthood.

These are only the challenges though, there are so many tiny and tender joys that come with being a mother that far outweigh anything else. The difficulties are meant to be overcome and as a result your hard work bears fruit and beauty. I have discovered what is needed to climb the walls you face as a stay-at-home mom and it is called INSPIRATION.

I thought this post would be appropriate for today as it is the first day of Spring. One of the most beautiful and, not to mention, inspirational seasons, Spring is filled with wonder and opportunity. In order to be at home all day with my little monkey it is necessary to find those little things that feed the spirit. First, I had to turn the TV off and turn some music on then I started stimulating my mind by reading. Nothing fictional but something that helps to develop myself. Right now I'm reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and I'm about to start reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I cannot tell you how much just awakening my mind brings so much more joy and energy to my day. I get so many ideas and it motivates me to try new things or simply reminds me of what I already knew and I find myself encouraged.

So the answer to whatever challenge you are facing is, I believe, to find a little inspiration. Whether you find it in a book, a good song, in nature, or receiving a smile from a stranger as you pass them by. Inspiration comes in many forms and I am so thankful that it does! I'm looking forward to what this Spring season has in store for my little dandelion family. Maybe, just maybe, we will find ourselves in the wind of His breath yet again and our little seed globe will be planted and grow some roots.


Elena said...

Girl, I feel like I could have written this post... It can be so hard to keep an identity outside of your child and being a stay-at-home mom. Just recently, in the last week or two, I started an "inspiration journal," (how coincidental to read this post!!) where I've been keeping photos and ideas for photo shoots, etc. Thanks for this post. You're doing an awesome job with your little girl!

Jennifer said...

That is so crazy! I love the idea of an inspiration journal. Hopefully we get to see some of your ideas soon in a post and I always enjoy seeing pictures of your little beauty!