Monday, April 25, 2011


There is so much going on in the world today that we are completely unaware of. So much is hidden from us here in America. All of this is going on right under our noses, in our very own backyards and what are we doing about it? Nothing. We grow up hearing in church how important it is to live according to the Bible and lead lives of purity and told that it is all for our own good but never truly understand why. Without an understanding of why, how can we as Christians resist the culture of humanism in which we live. Humanism has created a generation of self-centered, lazy, and uneducated Americans who live only for their present pleasure and convenience thinking that it is their right to be happy no matter the cost. Well the cost is high. We have a hand in this slavery, we feed it thinking all along that its not really that bad to watch certain movies or shows or listen to music that is all about sex. We are feeding this sex industry and the lust of men and all the while calling it good fun. Human Trafficking is a business and cannot survive if there is no demand but we seem to insist that it is our right to feed this demand for our own "innocent" pleasure. There is a purpose to living a life of purity and that purpose is to live in the freedom of Christ and put a stop to the spiritual and physical bondage that the opposite most inevitably brings. Hopefully this puts things in perspective and helps shed light on just how important your decisions are and the consequences that come as a result. Will you fight with me to end slavery and choose to lead lives full of freedom and light that don't bow to humanism, the great lie of our age?